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March 19


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I had someone on the deviantart political forum tell me there was no fascists involved in the Ukrainian coup.

I then sent him a link to the Svoboda party, and he actually told me I was lying. I SENT PROOF!

I had more evidence than that single link, but wasting anymore time on that guy was pointless...He said there was no fascists in the Ukrainian coup even after I proved it.  I can not tell you how many times I have heard someone give me Oreilly and Maddow talking points on this issue.

Anyways, here are some of those Ukrainian fascists "i am making up" in action.

Look how the New York Daily News spins this situation...Just look at the headline.
Head of Ukraine TV slapped around by politicians, forced to resign on camera…

Politicians? THEY ARE FASCISTS! Fascists who now have more power in Ukraine then before the coup occurred.  That article then goes on to refer to the Svoboda party as just "far right."

And Yes, the Svoboda party is fascist/neo-nazi, their prior name was the Social-National Party(Does that sound familiar? As in 'national socialist')

The Social-National Party of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Соціал-національна партія України) (SNPU) was a far right party in Ukraine that would later become a leading Ukrainian party, Svoboda. The party combined radical nationalism and some neo-Nazi features.[3]

The party was registered on October 16, 1995;[1][4] although the original movement was founded on October 13, 1991, in Lviv. According to Der Spiegel the "Social-National Party" title was an "intentional reference to Adolf Hitler's National Socialist party."[5] Another echo was the use of the Wolfsangel logo, a symbol popular among neo-Nazi groups,[6] which also formed the letters I and N ("Idea Natsii" Ukrainian for "idea of a nation").…

Thank God for alternative Media. This is how the headline should read.

“Freedom of Speech in Ukraine”: Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party MP Threatens Head of Ukraine National TV…
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Yes, "Right Sector" and "Freedom" are fascists. The party leadership "Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform" also fascists and "Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc" (Fatherland Party, Ukrainian Republican Party "Sobor", Ukrainian Social Democratic Party, Ukrainian Republican Party),  People's Movement of Ukraine, Front of Changes, For Ukraine, People's Self-Defense, Civil Position and Social Christian Party, Party of Natalia Korolevska "Ukraine – Forward!", Tryzub,  UNA–UNSO, Patriot of Ukraine, Sich,  Social-National Assembly, White Hammer, Civil Position. Some members of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party in the renegades.

All these people in the parliament (90%), they never say: "Yes, we Real fascists! And hate other peoples: communists, Russian, Poles, Jews, Gypsies, blacks, Asians and other...". But they really are fascists. Many Ukrainian say: "Ukrainian are not fascists. Real fascists are Anti-fascists!".

Speech by President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Independence Day Ukraine, and many other speeches also fascist. Cabinet of Ministers and the Security Service of Ukraine or Nazis, or American agents.

Ukrainian army managed by fascists. Many of generals, officers and soldiers. Battalions: "Donbass", "Dnepr-1", "Dnepr-2", "Azov" and many others this is crazy fascists and very reminiscent of the Waffen-SS troops. Fascists have army, aviation, artillery, tanks, machine guns, grenade launchers, sniper rifles.
Schrodinger-Excidium Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Absolutely forgotten this guy in the video Ihor Miroshnychenko support nationalistic Party "Freedom".…
Ragnarro Featured By Owner May 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Man, it's your taxes, your money is going to finance the revival of fascism and Nazism in the heart of Europe.
Obama played in Napoleon, State Department acting like as the cheapest prostitute...
Man, I used to respect Europe and States for personal freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of opinion and lack of censorship.
Sorry, but now there is nothing left but contempt.
MaragrizX Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
The Ukraine (which literally translates to 'Borderland'), is extremely diverse both culturally and ethnically. And yet, people still try and shoe horn their black-and-white Neo-Nazi narritive in there. Reguardless of either sides alleged "motives". The Ukraine sits on vast energy reserves, fertile farming land and some of the best engineers in the world......if it weren't for that, you honestly think The EU would even consider accepting a "backwoods", Eastern European country into their little Cliché ?
FlipswitchMANDERING Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014
".if it weren't for that, you honestly think The EU would even consider accepting a "backwoods", Eastern European country into their little Cliché ?"

Its weird more people cant or refuse, to understand that.  I keep seeing people give Oreilly and Maddow talking points on the Ukraine issue.
MaragrizX Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014
If the EU had its way, they'd kick the Ukranians out and develop the land how they want.
katiejo911 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Bullies at the very least
ThalassaNord Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014   Traditional Artist
You're absolutely right.
DasGhul Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014   General Artist
RobertQualls27 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it just me, or did that look like something out of Goodfellas?

I think I like the Russian allied Ukrainian mobsters here in Florida. At least they are polite and amicable as opposed to that...
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