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Media Control Of Information

The United States has been funding and operating Al Qaeda for years — When the majority of Americans are approached with such a revelation, it is viewed  as 'nonsensical conspiracy theory.’  An immediate response would be “if that were true the mainstream media would report on it and everyone would be aware of this!"  -  What those people don’t understand is .. That is not how the world works.  90% of all media you see from television is owned by 6 corporations.

Six.  Radio is for the most part — not much better, although there is many independent radio stations broadcasting a more honest rendition of world events. You could call radio and the internet (which in many ways have merged) the last frontier of information which is why we see trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership.  So essentially you have six corporations in media who control what the majority of America sees and hears — Wonderful.  It is as if news being broadcasted from anything but an MSNBC, FOXNEWS, CNN or the like, is regarded as junk — Even though the mainstream media is highly biased in what amounts to pure propaganda and lies.  The mainstream media has been caught on record lying to the general public – Not misinterpreting; Not misunderstanding; Not making honest mistakes; lying Most people just don’t believe it even when a simple google search would show them the evidence – But even then, many people just don’t care and say “so what.” 

edward bernays“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. … – Edward Bernays

Standard Oil Trust And The Power It Wielded

Maybe some of you have heard of Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud.  The quote above this text is an actual quote from his book propaganda.  He is considered the father of what is known today as PR or Public Relations – In those days — it was known as propaganda.  Propaganda had a negative connotation attached to it(as it should) so he simply changed the name to erase that connotation similar to how standard oil was broken up in large part due to a series of articles in McClures Magazine written by Ida Tarbell — which was also written into a book The History Of The Standard Oil Company - The book included standard oils obscene business practices, as a monopoly(some give it credit as the first monopoly) created by John D Rockefeller.

John D Rockefeller  Standard Oil owned 90% of all oil production in the world brandishing abhorrent cartel tactics by rigging prices and buying a considerable sum of the product required for the process of extracting oil — Anything from buying large quantities ofchemicals to storage equipment, using railroads against competition and so on .  The other companies in Rockefeller’s way didn’t stand a chance– This was The Standard Oil Trust after all.  The cartel was later broken in 34 companies due to a growing attention on their rotten aptitude. At which time the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 would be implemented in what really amounted to an illusion , especially in the beginning —  In 1911 Standard Oil was forced break up.  The days of bourgeois morality in America was officially over – And this country(and world) would never be the same again.  Soon there after the banks in 1912 put the final nail in the coffin drifting America into a state of soft fascism.


The Point

Why I am I writing about John D Rockefeller in an article claiming the US funds Al Qaeda? —  Because the story of Standard Oil goes to show what 90% ownership through means of cartel capitalism can accomplish and today 6 corporations own 90% of information the general population sees and hears; That is very dangerous.  You only know what you know;  and what most Americans know is lies, and they are not even aware of that.  An entire falsified reality has been constructed thanks in part to Mr. Bernays and his work in Propaganda! 

I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical – Thomas Jefferson

The general public is so fraught with a social engineered pop culture persona, that their obsession prevents them from bearing witness to the destruction placed before their very eyes — And when confronted they care less as if a show of strength.  Laughter from Platos cave.



 Zbigniew and the Carter Administration

Interview conducted in 1998 with Zbigniew Brzezinski, National security Adviser to Jimmy Carter.  Le Nouvel Observateur.

Zbigniew Brzezinski  -Zbigniew Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise: Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.

Question: Despite this risk, you were an advocate of this covert action. But perhaps you yourself desired this Soviet entry into war and looked to provoke it?

Zbigniew Brzezinski: It isn’t quite that. We didn’t push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would.

Soviet-Afghan War

The United States actively agitated a conflict between the Afghanis and Soviets over what many claim as The United States merely protecting oil interests which coincide with Americas economy. Soviet propaganda claimed to be liberators in Afghanistan, building roads, building schools, promoting egalitarianism. It was all bullshit. The soviets were in Afghanistan to get a foothold in the middle east.  Oligarchs from opposite camps could not allow this. That is who these conflicts are fought for — But the official explanation on these conflicts has the ability to make the public feel as though, wars are waged to protect them. It is never about the middle class, keeping the poor from becoming more poor, or for self defense.  It is not even really about the economy, it is about protecting the wealth of the Oligarchs in a complicated compartmentalized game of war mongering — A Hegelian dialectic at work.

Taraki1978 the Saur Revolution takes place.  The old Afghan government crumbles to a coup and a new left-wing regime takes its place .  With help from the soviets — Socialism would now be implemented in Afghanistan — Equal rights for women, land  taken from traditional landowners and given to peasants, state secularism was to be implemented — The idea of constructing socialism into an a nation full of Islamic fundamentalism brought about political dissent from fundamentalists which led to violence.

The US witnessing turmoil in Afghanistan saw an opportunity to enter the conflict through proxy.  Fear of the spread of communism was the reason given officially for why the United States entered foreign entanglements. There was also the fear of the communists gaining control of the oil trade in the Persian Gulf  as well as control of the Indian Ocean ports.  The Soviet Union was giving weapons and support to the Afghan government while the Americans sought the ranks of Mujahideen -- Who deemed supporters of the socialism in Afghanistan to be infidels.  The United States funneled weapons and money to Islamic radicals in Afghanistan through Pakistan via Operation Cyclone(even before the Soviet-Afghan war had begun) favoring to give weapons/funds to the more radicalized Islamists who wanted a caliphate.  The Soviets eventually pulled out of Afghanistan — Their presence in Afghanistan would be regarded as  ”The Soviets Vietnam.”  This funding of Mujahideen in large part instigated the Russians in the first place and was the main precursor to the formation of Al Qaeda.

As the interview above from Brzezinksi states, the US began funding the Mujahideen with weapons (prior to what the official report stated, in that the funding only occurred after the Soviet invasion) due to an increase in American aide. The Mujahideen refused a UN peace agreement, thus continuing the conflict.  The US didn’t want peace anymore then the Soviets wanted peace.  The Soviets would eventually be forced to retreat from Afghanistan and the United States was still funding the Mujahideen, during the Afghan Civil War.  Through all of this, the Soviet-Aghan War, the Afghan Civil War, the Islamist Guerillas, the CIA funding and weaponizing those same guerillas — The events that transpired in Afghanistan would lead to the grooming and indirect creation of Al Qaeda as we know it today -- The ideology and faces from Mujahideen may differ from that of Al Qaeda, but the premise and  goal is all the same; Islamic terrorism used to destablize regions to protect corporate interests.

 The Current funding Of Al Qaeda By The United States

For the sake of ease I will stick to Libya and Syria, as those have been most prominently in the news.

 Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA, that does not mean the CIA created radical islam, it means the CIA seized upon an opportunity to use radical Islam — Radical Islam was then agitated, trained, and given weapons by the CIA as a new “Red Scare.”


Look what has occurred in Libya with the fall of Col Muhamar Khadaffi.  What business did the United States have(and NATO) to go into Libya and begin dropping bombs?  It goes against everything in the constitution, a president is not supposed to be able to unilaterally Libyan Rebelsbomb another nation, and the UN pretends to be against such an illicit campaign — The United Nations likes it when they are provided with shotty evidence at best and some good fear mongering about a threat(a threat that is created and agitated by the same nation posing as the savior to stop the threat. It is downright insanity how anyone falls for it.)

A government fortaking in a public relations campaign to get its citizens behind a call for war will accept shotty evidence to get behind war campaigns, when they are scared — People hate war, unless they are scared. If you scare a nations population to rally behind a war campaign, the military industrial complex can keep rolling.  Of course the M.I.C. needs an excellent propaganda machine, that’s where the mainstream media comes in.  The M.I.C. also requires the war hawking of its elected officials, in a bid to get behind campaigns to bomb a sovereign nation where those politicians will make appearances in the corporate controlled media to release faux reports, give fabricated evidence of progress in the bombing campaign which gives the public of, now of, propagandized sheep a sense of safety.   Khadaffis assassination by the NATO run US military industrial complex can mainly be attributed to his proposal of the Libyan Dinar.  There was now a reason to kill Khadaffi when he sought to deny the Petrodollar, but that reason is not the official narrative — It is for the Oligarchs and Corporatocracy to grow their wealth.  In such a situation the United States now calls upon its 'Boogey-Men'….Otherwise known currently as Al Qaeda. The CIA funds and helps operate these Islamist terrorists, but even the vast majority of those fighting for 'Jihad' have no idea they are being manipulated, by the very government; they think they are fighting against — Just as the citizens who lend their moral support to the government to wage war against the Jihadists, are not aware they are being manipulated, And made to be afraid of a threat, created by the same people claiming to be the saviors(Their own government).  Al Qaeda is used as a destabilization technique, a proxy army. Al Qaeda is to the United States what Hezbollah is to Iran, except a lot less official, but essentially the same thing.  Al Qaeda is a vicious animal owned by the American Oligarchs — Sometimes the animal breaks from its cage and bites someone it was not intended to bite — Just the cost of doing business.  The terrorists are controlled by an invisible hand more so then by receiving direct orders -- They are manipulated to invade an area through provocation rather then simply by given an official order to attack.

The United States began funding Al Qaeda in Libya and the media called these terrorists “Freedom Fighters.” The general viewing firing gun audience ate it right up.  Jihadists from all over the world began flooding into Libya, fighting in the name of “Jihad.”  Most people live in a world where there is a bad guy and a good guy — With cases like Libya, there is no good guy, only bad and worse guys.  A CIA run Al Qaeda coup with the goal of setting up a Caliphate so the multi national corporations can extract resources is far worse then a dictator like Khadaffi being in power.  Iraq, another western backed coup is worse off without Saddam Hussein then with him -- That doesnt make Saddam a benevolent dictator -- The same can be said for President Bashar-Al Assad is Syria, another nation where Obama was caught funding Al Qaeda — I discuss it with people who appear to be knowledgeable in political forums and I am amazed to find even some of those people deny it even with all the overwhelming evidence available.

A common argument made by people who do see(yet still deny direct involvement) Al Qaeda is the strongest force in Syria as well as in Libya is this little gem.... “The US didn’t know.”  So that argument says the US who has the largest military budget in the world with some of the best intelligence agencies in the world  -- wasn’t aware of Islamist extremism being a prevalent force in the middle east? They weren't a war is being waged against a dictator in hopes of toppling the dictators government, that Islamists are flocking to that area like mosquitos to a bug zapper? That argument says the US was not aware the weapons were handed over to Jihadists whether directly or indirectly from the US even though the media and intelligence was oozing with evidence to this ever present fact?  So that argument says the US was not aware of how powerful Al Qaeda and all its sects became in both the Syrian and Libya coups? They were not aware of Al Qaeda’s presence in the conflict? Do you believe that?

Then there was that botched false flag in Syria ( which even Seymour Hersh has spoken up about as well as Ron Paul. ) with the chemical weapons where the US knew Al Qaeda was behind it, when earlier that year ‘the rebels’ took control of a chemical factory near aleppo.

Last week, fighters from a group that the Obama administration has branded a terrorist organization were among rebels who seized the Sheik Suleiman military base near Aleppo, where research on chemical weapons had been conducted. Rebels are also closing in on another base near Aleppo, known as Safirah, which has served as a major production center for such munitions, according to U.S. officials and analysts.

The evidence of the Syrian Rebels torturingkilling, and firing at civilians is well documented.  Of course obama and the military is aware.  I don’t care what lies John Kerry told on how strong the presence of Islamic extremists in these conflicts were. John Kerry could say he is Marlon Brando and mainstream media and its viewership would believe it.  The evidence of Al Qaeda’s presence in the Libyan and Syrian conflicts is overwhelming, for anyone to say otherwise would deem them completely ignorant and full of (state peddled propaganda) disinformation.

Whatever you call them, Al Qaeda, Salafist Jihadists,  Sunni Wahhabist Extremists, Islamist Guerillas…. whether they come from Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan — The US is knowingly giving them weapons and funding them for a variety of reasons, the the goal of increasing profits for multi national corporations.


UN, Obama Fighting Alongside Al-Qaeda in Libya

Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links

Flickers’ of Al Qaeda in Libya Aren’t New

Author: Obama Administration Had to Know Libyan Rebels Had al-Qaida Links

Obama Warmly Welcomes Al Qaeda At UN


Obama’s Libyan War Feeds Guns into Al Qaeda’s Syrian War


US Confirms al Qaeda Members’ Role in Libyan Rebel Command

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U.S.-Approved Arms for Libya Rebels Fell Into Jihadis’ Hands

Libya: the West and al-Qaeda on the same side

Anti-Al Qaeda Libyans reveal Obama administration helped Al-Qaeda in Benghazi

Dangerous Times: Benghazi Revealed Collusion with Al Qaida



Syrian Rebels Pledge Loyalty To Al Qaeda

Syrian rebels seize control of Christian village

Obama’s Syrian Rebels Behead And Kill Children In Historic Christian Villages

Rand Paul: Assad ‘Protected Christians’ in Syria, Rebels ‘Attacking Christians’ (VIDEO)

Obama’s Al Qaeda-Linked Syrian Rebels Establish Brutal Sharia Courts In Captured Areas

Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret U.S. support for Syrian rebels

Human Rights Watch: “Syrian Rebels” Guilty of Torture, Murder


Yes, we can: Obama waives anti-terrorism provisions to arm Syrian rebels

Breaking: Western-backed Terrorists in Syria Slaughter Christians in Bombing

Obama Admits to Supporting Terrorists in Syria With Weapons From Libya

 The Obama Support and Arming of Al Qaeda

US Govt In Turmoil Over ‘Big New Al-Qaeda Plot’ While Obama Funds Them

Syria rebels kill Kurd through brutal torture

Obama Funds Al-Qaeda Syrian Rebels And Imports Syrian Refugees to U.S.


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